Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Two people connecting over a booth at the Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative launch party 2022

The LGBTQ+ well-being of tomorrow won’t be created with the solutions of today. It will take all the brilliance, dedication, and innovation available to bring about health equity for everyone. That’s why it is crucial to build larger pipelines and systems of support for innovators and entrepreneurs working on health solutions across academic, government, non-profit, and business sectors.

From pioneering research to developing accessible healthcare services in underserved communities, Eidos nurtures a robust ecosystem of support that empowers innovators and entrepreneurs across all sectors. By scaling up evidence-based solutions and fostering cross-disciplinary partnerships, we can ensure that tomorrow’s health solutions reach every LGBTQ+ individual in need.

We have listed some of our favorite resources for innovators working on LGBTQ+ health equity.

Inclusive communication encourages innovation by fostering a collaborative culture. We have produced a Guide for Inclusive Communication in the Workplace to help you develop these skills. To achieve this, ensure your team has a sense of psychological safety (feeling supported) and a growth mindset (embrace learning). Improv principles like “Yes, and…” support others’ ideas, turn mistakes into growth opportunities, and avoid unnecessary gendered terms. Practicing inclusive communication regularly builds a more enjoyable and respectful work environment for everyone.

Other Resources