Transforming LGBTQ+ Health

Violet: Cultural Competency Upskilling

Violet is a start-up bringing cultural competency training for medical providers to scale. They focus on creating standards and infrastructure for inclusive healthcare, with the aim of ensuring equitable access to healthcare services regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, language, citizenship, and more. They benchmark healthcare providers’ cultural competence and offer personalized educational pathways to enhance inclusivity in healthcare, ultimately making it easier for patients to find suitable healthcare providers.

In collaboration with Violet’s education lead, we identified two priority topics pertaining to gender affirming care for transgender and nonbinary patients in both medical and behavioral health settings:

-Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy 101
-How-to Guide for Mental Health Providers Writing Letters in Support of Gender Affirming Care

After an extensive review of available research and standards of care from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the Endocrine Society, Eidos created comprehensive learnings modules for each topic, which Violet now uses to educate thousands of providers across the country.

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