Violet: Cultural Competency Upskilling

Graphic of a Violet cultural competency educational course example. The headline on the Violet window reads "Strategies to reduce implicit bias during patient interactions."

Why Cultural Competency Matters

In a healthcare landscape often marked by rushed, impersonal encounters that leave patients feeling underserved, it’s clear we must shift our approach towards a more holistic model of care. This need is magnified within minority communities, where the risk of encountering discrimination and healthcare providers unequipped to address their unique needs is heightened. Mounting evidence reveals the inadequacy of one-size-fits-all methodologies in achieving optimal patient outcomes. Embracing the concept of treating patients as whole people with individualized healthcare needs is not just an alternative—it’s a necessity.

As part of our work to increase access to affirming, competent care for LGBTQ+ patients, Eidos partnered with Violet, a start-up bringing cultural competency training for medical providers to scale. Eidos reviewed and analyzed data from a recent study investigating Violet’s impact on 100+ clinicians at a behavioral health organization serving culturally diverse clients. The study found that providers who achieved one of Violet’s competency benchmarks had better outcomes than those who did not, including 18% better patient matches with clinicians, 13% higher session adherence, and 11% higher overall patient retention rate. [Access Violet Report]


Eidos-Designed LGBTQ+ Health Courses

Recognizing the deep impact of Violet’s benchmarking approach, Eidos has continued working with Violet to address critical gaps in provider knowledge of LGBTQ+ health. Despite clear evidence that the LGBTQ+ community experiences unique and heightened health disparities, there is still a profound lack of LGBTQ+ cultural competency training for students and providers. This deficit perpetuates unaffirming and potentially harmful care, leading to medical mistrust, avoidance of healthcare services, and exacerbating health disparities within this vulnerable population [Read our Primer on LGBTQ+ Health Disparities for more].

Eidos developed education on two priority topics pertaining to gender affirming care for transgender and nonbinary patients in both medical and behavioral health settings:

  • Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy 101
  • How-to Guide for Mental Health Providers Writing Letters in Support of Gender Affirming Care

After an extensive review of available research and standards of care from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the Endocrine Society, Eidos developed two comprehensive learning modules which Violet now uses to educate providers nationwide.

The response from providers who took the courses has been overwhelmingly positive. Since their launch in June of 2023, 600+ providers completed the “Hormone Therapy 101” course and nearly 900 providers completed the “Writing Letters in Support of Gender-Affirming Care” course, with both earning high ratings of 4.41 and 4.45 out of 5.


Advancing Health Equity

This early data is promising, demonstrating increasing demand for LGBTQ+ competent education as well as providers’ positive response to these trainings. Increasing LGBTQ+ competence for healthcare providers is essential to combatting disparities and advancing health equity for this minoritized community. These providers have the potential to profoundly impact the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals, fostering a healthcare environment that is more inclusive, supportive, and responsive to diverse needs.

Eidos and Violet are proud to work together to upskill providers for a more inclusive and equitable healthcare landscape. Moving forward, Eidos will continue to collaborate with Violet in developing further curriculum and advancing culturally competent healthcare for all. Together, we strive to create a healthcare system that honors the dignity and diversity of every individual, ensuring that no patient is left behind.

Access the Violet Benchmarking Report


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