Hopelab: Verifying Digital Health Efficacy

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Hopelab, in collaboration with CenterLink and the It Gets Better Project, designed and released imi (pronounced eye-me), a free, digital mental health tool designed to support LGBTQ+ youth explore and affirm their identity. Designed with and for LGBTQ+ teens, imi provides relevant and practical approaches to boost positive coping skills and mindsets that support LGBTQ+ youth mental well-being. imi is available for free; easily accessible from any device with a web browser and internet connection at imi.guide.  A team of scientists at Eidos worked with Hopelab to test imi through a randomized controlled trial. Of the 270 teens who participated in the trial, 78% identified as BIPOC, and 60% identified as transgender and/or gender expansive, genderqueer, or gender nonconforming. Eidos researchers found that imi is effective in supporting the well-being of LGBTQ+ youth, by helping LGBTQ+ teens cope with stress. 

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