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Ensuring Impact

Turn evidence-based strategies into economically sustainable solutions while prioritizing those in need


Examine how existing programs and interventions improve care and well-being to assess their effectiveness and impact



Explore together where LGBTQ+ health research and business innovation intersect to create transformative tools and programs


Collaborate on program design highlighting key priorities, aid in capacity building, and offer technical expertise to produce high-impact programs across sectors


Provide training that builds tangible skills in LGBTQ+ healthcare through a wide array of speakers, workshops, and conferences

Empowering Changemakers

Client Highlight


Violet is a start-up bringing cultural competency training for medical providers to scale. They focus on creating standards and infrastructure for inclusive healthcare, with the aim of ensuring equitable access to healthcare services regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, ability, language, citizenship, and more.

Eidos identified priority upskilling topics pertaining to gender affirming care for transgender and nonbinary patients and created comprehensive learning modules. Violet now uses these to educate thousands of providers across the country.

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Case Studies


I truly believe that to meaningfully build health equity, we are going to need more innovation that’s developed with industry-leading partners like Eidos. In healthcare, innovation cannot happen in a vacuum. Partnering with the Eidos team is enabling Violet to innovate, research our impact on clinical impact, and iterate in a seamless manner.

Gaurang Choksi, Founder and CEO, Violet

Before finding Eidos the team at TRACE had been passionately and scrappily building something that hadn’t been done before. We are a small team and although passionate and skilled we were struggling on which steps to take next.

We have already learned new things about our analytics, storytelling and marketing that we trust will help the transgender and nonbinary community we serve.

–Aydian Dowling, Head of Product, TRACE app

Some of the most important advances to benefit health and society at large can only happen at the interface between disciplines. Thanks to José, I’ve been able to bring my work as a mechanical engineer together with collaborators in public health, medicine, materials science, and social science to advance new and viable technology to reduce the spread of HIV.

Robert Carpick, PhD,  Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania

Eidos partnered with us to host an engaging panel discussion and immersive workshops for the Seed internal team around the importance of neutral, anatomy-first language in the healthcare space. Throughout our entire partnership—from initial meetings, to curating the discussion content, to gathering together the most impactful group of experts for the panel—the Eidos team (and their work) was incredibly supportive, excitingly collaborative, and deeply considered.

Mallory Pendleton,  Sr. Manager of Education + Knowledge Management, Seed

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Eidos do exactly?

Eidos supports interventions that address persistent LGBTQ+ health disparities. We offer project consultation, research services, and host events that build skills and knowledge around LGBTQ+ health.

My organization needs LGBTQ+ guidance, but we don’t know where to start.

Can you guide us in this process?

We’re happy to hear you’re taking this on! You can start by looking at our resource page to find a curated list of useful information. If you are still looking for more, you can complete our contact form below.

What is the cost associated with working with Eidos?

Every project is different. Eidos staff will work with you to decide how our team can best help you. Through discussions we can create a statement of work that makes sense for you and determine costs appropriately.

Does Eidos provide LGBTQ+ competency trainings?

Eidos team members have a depth of knowledge and experience in cultural competency training. Since every organization has unique circumstances, we might advise different ways of achieving your cultural competency goals. We may develop a statement of work to provide training, or recommend an existing training that would suit your needs.

How long does a partnership with Eidos typically last?

Partnerships vary in length depending on your needs. We are excited to discuss your project and determine a timeline that suits you.

What types of organizations can Eidos work with?

We support entrepreneurs, businesses, and service providers to develop offerings and scale services by putting innovative solutions into action. Our work engages with policy makers, researchers, community members, health advocates and non-profits to amplify the voices of those affected most by LGBTQ+ health disparities.