Culturally Tailored Anti-Smoking Messages Make Strides in LGBTQ+ Health

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine recently published, “Culturally Tailored Anti-Smoking Messages: A Randomized Trial With U.S. Sexual Minority Young Women” by Eidos affiliated faculty member Andy Tan (PhD, MPH, MBA, MBBS). Smoking presents a significant health disparity within the LGBTQ+ community, particularly affecting sexual minority women. Various factors contribute to this disparity, including targeted tobacco marketing and minority stressors. Recognizing and addressing these disparities is crucial for promoting holistic LGBTQ+ health and fostering evidence-based interventions that resonate with the unique experiences and needs of LGBTQ+ communities.

The study assessed the impact of culturally tailored anti-smoking ads versus control ads on quitting intentions, cigarette purchase intentions, and tobacco industry perceptions among young adult cisgender and transgender sexual minority women (SMW). All the ads were vetted by a community advisory board comprising LGBTQ+ organization leaders and pre-tested among SMW participants before being used in the experiment. Conducted through an online randomized controlled experiment with a 1-month longitudinal follow-up, the study included 2,214 U.S. SMW ages 18–30.

Results indicated that among smokers, follow-up intention to quit increased, and intentions to purchase cigarettes, marketing receptivity, pro-industry attitudes, and pro-industry beliefs decreased in both arms. Follow-up pro-industry beliefs were significantly lower in the tailored versus control arm.

The study indicates that culturally tailored anti-smoking ads, designed with LGBTQ+ branding, can positively impact intentions to quit and reduce pro-industry beliefs among young adult SMW who smoke. These findings contribute valuable insights for developing anti-smoking campaigns to address disparities in cigarette smoking among this population and serve as a foundation for similar campaigns engaging with other LGBTQ+ audiences.

The Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative proudly promotes studies aimed at advancing LGBTQ+ health equity, tackling various health disparities within the community. Recognizing the significance of addressing these disparities, Eidos supports research into comprehensive LGBTQ+ health solutions. Studies like this one are instrumental in developing evidence-based interventions that sustain the health and wellbeing of LGBTQ+ communities.

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