Eidos Impact Report 2022-2024: The Connections we Make. The Silos we Break.

We are thrilled to unveil an impact report of our activities from 2022-2024, marking a period of remarkable growth at Eidos. Since our inception, our focus has been on building a dynamic network dedicated to advancing LGBTQ+ health. By supporting innovators with cutting-edge research and evidence-based strategies, we’ve taken significant strides toward a healthier future for our community. To everyone who has supported us—whether as advisors, clients, or participants—we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Together, let’s continue to build a brighter world for LGBTQ+ health!

Prejudice and discrimination continue to create distinct health disparities for the LGBTQ+ community, straining our social connectedness and wellbeing. Within the Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to developing evidence-based health solutions that are accessible to LGBTQ+ people.

Our initiative merges social enterprise, education, research, and community resources to create practical applications that will transform LGBTQ+ health. Achieving success requires your energy and talents. No matter where you are in your journey, we invite you to connect with us and explore opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

Together, we can reshape conversations taking place around kitchen tables, in classrooms, healthcare offices, community organizations, businesses, and government programs. We look forward to working with you to drive meaningful change and foster a healthier, more inclusive world.

Download the Eidos Impact Report 2022-2024

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