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Eidos Faculty, Teddy Goetz, publishes “Gender is Really Strange”

Dr. Teddy G. Goetz, MD, MS, a resident in psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania and Eidos Affiliated Faculty, has recently unveiled ‘Gender is Really Strange.’ This groundbreaking graphic medicine comic simplifies the complexities of gender identity and sex, drawing from their expertise in neuroscience, biology, and gender studies. Through their unique approach, Dr. Goetz explores the influence of biology, hormones, mental health, behavior, and societal constructs on gender. Their work, informed by personal experiences as a non-binary/trans, queer, neurodivergent, chronically ill, Jewish individual, sheds light on these intricate concepts in an accessible manner.

Discover more about Dr. Goetz’s compelling work at and secure your copy of ‘Gender is Really Strange’ today!”

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