Investment and Inclusivity

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative and Venture Lab’s Social Entrepreneurship Initiative panel discussion. It was a rich discussion of the complex issues hindering investment in LGBTQ+ projects. Our panel discussed societal biases, economic hurdles, and challenges to explore solutions for a more inclusive future.


José Bauermeister, MPH, PhD
Founding Faculty Director, Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative
José is a prominent public health scholar and researcher known for his work in the field of LGBTQ+ health. His work focuses on synergizing systems-level interventions, community engagement, digital strategies, and clinical innovations to optimize the health and well-being of LGBTQ+ communities.

Perry Cohen, MS, M.Ed, C’98, GRD’13
Founder, The VentureOut Project
Perry is the founder of the Venture Out Project, an organization dedicated to providing experiences that are inclusive and affirming of the LGBTQ+ community. Through his leadership, Perry has created a safe and supportive space for LGBTQ+ individuals to connect with nature and each other, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Ashlie Grilz, M.Ed
Founder, AG Group
Ashlie is a seasoned facilitator and entrepreneur who assists brands in purposeful growth, with her expertise in aligning social impact with business objectives. In her work with Peau de Loup she has successfully driven growth by fostering engagement and sales through various initiatives, which has informed her consulting practice’s focus on inclusivity and consumer needs.

Jake Prigoff, MD
General Partner, Gaingels Venture Capital
Jake specializes in healthcare investments, drawing from his background as a physician he actively advocates for healthcare initiatives. He manages a portfolio at Gaingels, an investment syndicate that focuses on providing capital and support to LGBTQ+ and ally-founded startups and companies. Its mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the business world.

Jessica Halem, MBA
Senior Director Eidos LGBTQ+ Health Initiative
Jessica has over two decades of leadership experience in LGBTQ+ health, holding key roles at organizations like the Lesbian Community Cancer Project and Harvard Medical School. She is an award-winning speaker who addresses LGBTQ+ health and workplace inclusion. She currently serves on the Board of the Tegan and Sara Foundation.

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